Thanks and Acknowledgements

For all the help, the support, the fun over the years in the Enya fandom community: Riene and Kerry of the Marble Halls Fan Forum and Unity Fan Forum; to Draoicht Dulra, who has provided articles for the website from Irish newspapers and magazines; to Skyscape, who has also provided material for the website. Thanks go to Astro for his constant encouragement as I worked on the website, and to Vinyl Collector, for his encyclopedic knowledge of recording media and laser disc technology. Without VC, I would have more money, but I wouldn't have all these nice laser discs and a player to play them on!

Thanks to DKS of The Avengers Forever, the one-stop-shop website for Avengers afficianados, for encouraging me to dump Dreamweaver and learn CSS.

Thanks to Lee Tobin and Nigel Sellens of Unity for managing and maintaining a safe-haven fan forum for Enya fans.

And... thanks to the short shy serious kid who ran away from home, for over 20 years of music.