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May 17, 2011

It's Enya's birthday, and the Donegal Dame has given her fan's a present--news of the next album. At least some of the recording will be done in Abbey Road Studios in London, with an orchestra and choir. Book of Days has added a new section to the News Articles section.

Enthusiastic, outgoing, friendly, intelligent. That's Enya, and its no surprise to her fans, but Ultrafat Angel has the handwriting analysis to prove it. Theo has contributed a great article analyzing Enya's handwriting. Ever wonder what that big swoop of a "y" means when she signs her name? Check out Theo's article, Enya Handwriting Analysis: Revealing Her Personalities

October 8, 2009

We have a tracklisting! Check Enya News for more information.

October 2

Lookie, I've added a new banner to celebrate Enya's 20-year extravagana Very Best of release! Red and black are the colors of the season! TC thinks this is a major change because she's very fond of the previous BOD collage of photos banner. Fear not, the banner will return. The photo used for Enya's interview with The Times is a BOD favorite.

Also added information about an IE-8 problem with the BOD menu system to the Site Information page. Also caught up on the news about the nomination of the cover art for And Winter Came... to the Enya News page.

September 26

Artwork for The Very Best of Enya has been released. Roma has given us a teaser for the Second Loxian Games in the form of The Nightflowers Competition. The news of the last two exciting weeks in EnyaWorld are covered in Enya News. Can The Second Loxian Games be on their way?

September 21

The cover of Enya's 2008 winter-themed album, And Winter Came..., has been nominated for a Grammy award. Check Enya News for more information.

September 4-7, 2009

The Second Loxian Games have been announced, and changes reflecting the upcoming Game are being made to the websites. Check Enya News for more information. More online retailers are starting to show pre-order advertisements for the upcoming "very best of" Enya.

August 27, 2009

The rumored The Very Best of Enya compilation has been confirmed by Roma Ryan on Check Enya News for more information.

I'm very happy to add to the Book of Days Links section, the Celtic Music Fan blog from Rommel. This is a relatively new blog, but Rommel has already scored good interviews with folks from the Irish music community. Naturally, he's an Enya and Clannad fan as well. Be sure to check this one out.

August 21, 2009

Lizzy1e from Unity has put her graphic artist's eye on the album artwork. You'll find her article at Design and Color, a graphic artisst reviews the album artwork Also, a strong rumor of an November album release, a new best of compilation. Check here for more information.

January 6, 2009

New Hot Press magazine article added to the And Winter Came... section. Dreams are More Precious is the theme song for a new Japanese television drama.

December 28, 2008

My, my, times flies! I've been collecting articles to update the site since early November. The oddest thing happened in late October. A large kangaroo showed up at my doorstep with an invitation to join the mod team at Unity. It's been go-go-go! since then. All together, this is an exciting, and busy, time to be an Enya fan!

Two new articles written for Book of Days have gone online: Enya, a Donegal Star, is a look at Donegal's quietest star by a fan who lives not far down the road from her family, Draíocht an Dúlra. Poet and photographer Kerry Brennan reviews Roma Ryan's poem, The Psalm of Little Things.

The And Winter Came... article and album review sections have a number of new articles. The best of these is from Hot Press Magazine, Ethereal Girl. This article comes via Skyscape of the Unity fan forum, who was nice enough to send me a copy of the magazine. Thanks, Sky!

November 2, 2008
Added several news items to Enya News: an enyatv channel at Youtube, a chance to preview the songs from And Winter Came, and album pre-order extras available from the UK iTunes shop

Added two new articles, from October 31st, to the And Winter Came section.

October 26, 2008
An electronic press kit for And Winter Came has been uploaded to More info in Enya News.
Vinyl Collector has a promo cd for Trains and Winter Rains that I lust after. You'll find the details in Something kinda yummy

October 23, 2008
Winners of The Loxian Games have been announced at Also listed here in Enya News

October 22, 2008
Link to new video for Trains & Winter Rains

A link to the new video for Trains & Winter Rains can be found in Enya News It's an outstanding video. After the aimless wandering of the Amarantine video and the artificiality of the It's in the Rain video, it's an astounding and welcome change.

Its been a long time coming...

October 2008
The new Book of Days goes online. The problem with doing a fan website is a thing called Real Life. Though I started on this months, work and family matters kept cropping up and causing me to push it to the side. It's online now, in time to coincide with the release of Enya's eighth album: And Winter Came.

Some parts of the site aren't finished yet. I decided that real life meant I had to live with imperfections. Not all parts of the BoxRoom (the Book of Days madhouse) are filled in. Care to contribute some mangled song lyrics or wallpaper? In addition to the newspaper and online articles & interviews, I'm looking for original content, articles by informed people who have something to say about Enya and her music. Skyscape has contributed the first article about Enya and her importance to the Gaelic language. Contributors are welcome, though final decisions on what to put online are up to the Ultimate Manager. That would be my cat...

I always have an opinion about something. If you know me from Unity, you know that. A section in the Press Room called -30- is my own personal soapbox. (You thought I was going to say litterbox, didn't you?) The first -30- online is a look at the possibility that Enya may really, finally, do a live show.

So, that's it. The new site is online. Thank you for your visit!