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About Book of Days: A history of the website and the materials in the Press Room; a caveat about the news articles and interviews: reporters lie, Enya changes her mind (she's a woman; she's entitled.)

The Management: This place is a madhouse! Who runs this joint anyway? A small amount of information about the Owner.

Site Update Information: Brief descriptions of additions and changes to the website. If there's no real Enya news, I may make some up...

Website Navigation: Navigation hints to the website. Directions to Mandeley Dungeon will cost you extra though...

Acknowledgements & Thanks: A thank you to the people who've offered support, advice, inspiration and MSN time to listening to me whine--while setting up this site.

-30- (thirty): Thirty is an old newspaper term. When a reporter handed in his typed story, he would 'slam' it at the bottom of the page: -30-. That was where the story ended, the copyeditor didn't need to look for a second page. -30- is my Book of Days blog of ramblings and thoughts on the state of things in the Enyaverse, or anything else I decide to have an opinion about.

A Note About Browsers, Oct. 09: I've had a report that the menu system of Book of Days breaks up under IE-8. This seems to be a common problem for websites that use css drop down menus. I've read the complaints about this, but I haven't found the absolute fix yet. When I do, I'll add the hack to BOD. Right now, my priority is keeping up with the news concerning Enya's new Very Best of release and the Second Loxian Games. BOD has been tested and works with IE-7 and earlier, Firefox and Opera.

Contributing to Book of Days: I'm always on the lookout for articles and interviews to put on the site. I also welcome translations into English of articles which have appeared in non-English publications, and original articles and essays for the site. Email me at webmaster[[at]]