The Management

Who Owns this place?

I do. My name is TreeCat.

What in heck is a TreeCat!

The screen name TreeCat comes from the sentient feline-like species in David Weber's Honor Harrington novels. Nimitz the TreeCat is Honor Harrington's companion through 10 space opera, space war thrillers. Large, intelligent, brave and faithful, Nimitz has to be drawn from the Maine Coon cat. My own TreeCat is my Maine Coon, Cashel, the most fiercely loyal cat I've ever known

Why do I manage it?

Because I lack a life? I've listened to Enya's music since 1988, when selections from The Celts and Watermark were played on the Hearts of Space Music program on my local public service radio station. But one or two years prior to hearing those first Enya songs, I owned cassette tapes by her family's band, Clannad. My husband and I renovated a 60 year old craftsman-style bungalow in the first years of our marriage. Amazingly, we are still married; possibly because during that renovation a lot of Irish music was played in the house: Clannad, Enya, Silly Wizard, Altan. I literally scraped yucky green-flowered wallpaper from a guestroom wall to reveal a Caribbean Blue painted wall beneath, to the strains of Sheperd Moons. Something like that can make you bond with music.


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