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The Library

Home of the Comfy Lounge Chair and the
Book of Days Levenger Book Light

Wander down the aisles. Pick up a book, sit down. Relax Read. This is The Library, the Book of Days home for miscellaney, errata, articles written for Book of Days, resources and links to other sites. Some may be related to Enya, some may not.

This section is under construction. You'll find pages for the Enya Biography (though just an FAQ at the moment), Hot Picks to the best articles on the website, Links to other sites (in case you think their drinks are better the one's Raoul mixes up in the bar here) and Original articles for Book of Days.

Pages are still under construction for the Gallery, Other Resources.

The Enya FAQ. Thanks go to Kerry and Riene for allowing me to borrow the FAQ from their forum Marble Halls. The FAQ once enya.com, but was removed several months ago as Aigle began work on the new website and a new version of the FAQ.

Hot Picks, the best of the articles and interviews over a 20-plus span of years. Hot Picks for Watermark through Shepherd Moons are included now. The other albums, from The Memory of Trees (heck, she didn't say much anyway during that promotion!) through Amarantine are drafted and awaiting layout and upload to the site.

Articles written for Book of Days. Articles and essays written by people involved in the Enya fandom. I want this section to grow. If you have an idea you want to develop for the site, please contact me at webmaster[at]enyabookofdays.com