The Box Room

What happens when a lonely British Longhair cat is sent to Dublin as a birthday present to Our Lady of the Perpetual Gaelic Hum? Should a petulant two-year-old really be allowed to attend Roma Ryan's (demented) High School? Who is Sister Windy, when she's not imbibing Pepto-Brennan and, in the classroom, dissecting the lyrics of Roma Ryan? What of a crazed mad woman who sits on an island beach and plots how to steal all of the Amarantine cds, holding them hostage, to gain the money she needs to pay her unpaid property taxes?

This is the fun spot of the website. If you need an Enya joke, this is the place. If you're up for Enya madness, you've found it. But, if your take on Enya is so absolutely exalted that you've lost all sense of humor, then you better go elsewhere. I don't even think Enya would mind this stuff; and if she does, I'll be glad to see that a case of Pepto-Brennan is delivered to her doorstep.


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