Enya: chin on hand


Talking with Enya

Jeremy Helligar

People Magazine (USA) 26 January 1996

Her Music Says It All

Irish singer Enya, known for her New Age blend of classical and Celtic sounds, may be on a first-name basis with her fans, but she has her boundaries. "People don't know what my everyday life is about because I keep that to myself," say Enya, 34, whose newest album is The Memory of Trees (Reprise). "There are a lot of artists who are bigger than their music, but for me it's the other way about."

People Why don't you write your own lyrics?

Enya I started off scoring for film [1985's The Frog Prince] and felt no desire whatsoever to write lyrics. Roma [Ryan, her lyricist] has a great love for poetry, and because she knows me so well, she tends to know through the sound of the melody what I would like to sing about. I don't even have to tell her what the song is about. She just knows what I'm trying to say. She's able to capture that emotion with the lyrics. It works out well.

People How do you go about writing?

Enya It takes me a while to write a melody - it has to stir me emotionally - and I'm never very aware at first if it's a piano melody or if it's more of a choral track or if it's a song in Gaelic. After I have it, what I like to do is enhance the melody. That's important to me. So I work with [producer] Nicky [Ryan] in the studio. We have a lot of ideas, and we record a lot of ideas, and it's only through all those ideas that this sort of arrangement arrives. So that's why we need a bit of time. When you go back to listen to a song after three months, you can judge better if you're happy with the results.

Note: Transcribed by Polly Lynn and posted to the Enya Mailing List on January 29, 1996.