Enya: Still from Anywhere Is


CNN Showbiz Today

Program narrated by Gloria Gloria Hillard

CNN (USA) 26 January 1996

Laurin Sydney: U2 is getting a run for its money as Ireland's most popular musical export. The Irish singer Enya is out with a new album, which has already sold 3 million copies in just a couple of weeks. That follows the huge success of Shepherd Moons and Watermark. >Gloria Hillard talked with Enya about the inspiration for her mystical music.

Excerpt of 'Anywhere Is' video played:

I walk the maze of moments,
but everywhere I turn to
begins a new beginning, but never finds a finish...

Continues... This isn't a dialog between Gloria Hillard and Enya. Gloria just narrates.

Gloria Hillard: She's the Irish singer with worldwide following. A superstar in the metaphysical music genre. The music is ethereal and the artist elusive.

Cut to Enya, wearing a black dress with a white design.

Enya: A lot of people know "Enya" the music, but they don't know what I look like, or um, what I do. And I think that um, I think that that's really good... for me, and for the music as well.

Cut back to the 'Anywhere Is' video, the music has been playing all along:

... The moon still keeps on moving the waves still keep on waving and I still keep on going...


Gloria Hillard: The latest album is The Memory of Trees. Two years in the making, the title is inspired from Irish mythology, and the sacredness of trees.

Cut to the familiar scene of Enya walking along the Donegal beach (seen early on in the show Music From The Bridge.

Enya: I know that I draw a lot of inspirations from where I was brought up, in the northwest of Ireland, county Donegal.

Cut back to Enya.

And I love to go back there. And um, the people are very proud of my success. But, they also treat me as Eithne growing up there.

Cut back to 'Anywhere Is' video.

Gloria Hillard: One of nine children, she is named after a Celtic goddess. And as a child, spent time in a convent.

Enya: I feel that I've derived from religion what...

Cut back to Enya. 'Anywhere Is' stops and now they play from 'Evening Falls'.

... I enjoy. And it's more the spiritual side of that. And I, ah, again it's something that, um, I can see comes through in the melody and in the music.

Cut to 'Evening Falls' video:

... As I walk the room, there before me a shadow...


Gloria Hillard: The singer says she is still surprised at times by the effect her music has on people, which many have described as healing.

Enya: When people sit to listen...

Cut back to Enya. The music fades out.

... to the album, they're experiencing sort of um, a moment...

Cut to Gloria Hillard over Enya's shoulder.

... to themselves. And I think this...

Cut back to Enya.

... is why they interpret their own sort of emotions with the music, because this is a moment they have to themselves. And they...

'Anywhere Is' is heard again.

...start to think about their own life.

Cut back to 'Anywhere Is' video.

Gloria Hillard: Since 1988, she's been at the top of the Billboard charts, has won a Grammy, and yet she has not appeared on stage. That may change, though. In her first concert venue, she's thinking about a cathedral.

...I took the turn and turned to begin a new beginning still looking for the answer I cannot find the finish...

Gloria Hillard:, CNN, Los Angeles. Cut to Laurin Sydney:

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They play the 'Anywhere Is' video again as they roll the credits:

... it could be on reflection

The video display swings into a trapezoid for the credits.

the turn I have just taken the turn that I was making I might be just beginning might be near the end.

The video display swings back to normal in time for Enya's smile at the end.

Note: Transcribed by Jim Waters and posted to alt.music.enya on January 27, 1996.