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Radio Interview: 104 KRBE, 22 January 1996

Interviewer: Ryan Chase

104 KRBE (Houston, TX USA)

Ryan Chase: This is 104 KRBE. I'm Ryan Chase and we've got Enya live on the line calling from Los Angeles. Now, what are you doing out there?

Enya: I'm actually on a promotional trip around the world and I was in Europe to begin with, I did some some cities in Europe and then New York, ah, Los Angeles, next Tokyo. So, uh, right around.

Ryan Chase: Any plans to actually do a concert tour?

Enya: Well, that's a good question. (he laughs then she does) I haven't toured as of yet, um, because the albums take so long, um, its, its having to set aside time to adapt the music for stage because it is only myself performing the music in the studio. So, uh, I would like to orchastrate the music, uh, full orchastra, have a choir on stage and... so it's hopefully finding the time that, ah, I'll end up being able to tour.)

Ryan Chase: Now when you get an idea to actually throw an album together, how long does it normally take you, from the point where you say "I want to do an album" to the point where "It's on the shelves?"

Enya: Ah, well, this album took two years because, uh, with Shepherd Moons, when I finished doing what I'm doing at the moment, ah, world promotional tour, I then worked on a soundtrack, um, with Ron Howard for Far and Away and then I, um, took a year off and, um, I felt after that year, um, that it was time to begin the next album and, um, I spent the two years, ah, on The Memory of Trees.

Ryan Chase: Um, well, let me ask you something, you were talking about, uh, working on a soundtrack, isn't that how you kind of got into the whole scene?

Enya: That's true, that's true, because, um, my first project was, uh, The Frog Prince with David Puttnam and then that led to working with the BBC on a project called The Celts, and on the basis of The Celts I was approached by the record company for, um, a solo album. So, ya I did start with the soundtrack. It's something that I still, enjoy very much.

Ryan Chase: Do you think the climate of today's music scene is much more, uh, you know, uh, understanding than what it was when you put out your first solo album?

Enya: I, I think so, I think so because now I find that people, um, are listening to more diverse music and enjoying it and not being afraid to listen to different types of music. Um, because often with music, it can become sort of a trend, um, "You must listen to this and not this." So now I find that people are listening for themselves and they're liking what pleases them rather than what's "in" at the moment.

Ryan Chase: Well, the new CD, The Memory of Trees, would you care to, um, tell the story behind the album title. A lot of people are under the misconception that this is some sort of, uh, political statement like (he inhales deeply) ooh!, save the rainforest or something, which is a good cause, but, uh, you want to explain how you came up with this title?

Enya: Well, it was, uh, (she pauses) it was Roma Ryan who writes the lyrics, uh, for me, um, who suggested the title because she came across the title in Irish mythology, and "The Memory of Trees," it was the Druid's, who, um, were very powerful and very knowledgable men. They held the trees as very sacred and, uh, I instantly loved the title and, but it was great because for someone who doesn't know that the story relates to Irish mythology, it's still, um, a strong title as such because the word "memory," the word "trees." Because for me, personally, it conjoured up wonderful imagery and hence I wrote the title track, uh, um, after hearing the title. Which is unusual for me because usually the melody will come first to the lyrics and the title.

Ryan Chase: Well, we're going to play a track off The Memory of Trees right now and then we'll continue our conversation with Enya. This is 'Anywhere Is' on 104 KRBE.

'Anywhere Is' plays

104 KRBE. It's Enya, 'Anywhere Is'. I'm Ryan Chase and we have Enya live on the line right now. And Enya I wanted to ask you a little bit about this song we just now got done playing, 'Anywhere Is'. Could you tell us a little about how you came up with it, what its meaning is and how the song came to be?

Enya: Well, it was, uh, one of the last songs that I worked on for the album and this is kind of strange, because, um, 'Orinoco Flow' was one of the last songs on, um, the, uh, Watermark album and then 'Caribbean Blue' was the last song on Shepherd Moons and it's only till recently I have discovered this pattern sort of, uh, seems to evolve while I work on an album. And I think it's, um, I sensed, that we were coming to the end of the album and, um, it got very up tempo, the melody got up tempo and the lyrics. So it was a, um, very enjoyable song to work on. Um, it was just wonderful and Roma wrote just lovely lyrics, 'Anywhere Is', "It's either this or that way," it's kind of a, uh, lighter look, um, towards life!

Ryan Chase: Okay, well, I know your partner, Roma Ryan, does all the lyrics, would you ever consider doing some yourself?

Enya: No, I don't because, um, Roma writing lyrics evolved in the project back to The Celts with the BBC, and I would perform at all the music at that stage and writing the music and, um, they approached me for a song and, uh, Roma was writing poetry, uh, at the time and up to then she had been sort of the audience in the studio for us, listening to sort of the progression and on the melodies and on the themes. So, uh, she knew the songs so well that it was very obvious for me that she would write the lyrics. And she knows me so well as... and that kind of works because when I play her a melody I don't have to explain what I'm trying to say, within the melody, she can sense it right away. So, it's wonderful.

Ryan Chase: Um, okay, well, I thank you so much for taking the time out and chatting with us.

Enya: Your very welcome.

Ryan Chase: And I, I can speak for a lot of fans that we would love to see you stage a show and tour the whole... planet! As far as I'm concerned.

Enya: sounding very flattered Oh!, thank you, thank you very much.

Ryan Chase: But, uh, it would be great and we look forward to that day happening.

Enya: I, I'd love to get to Houston.

Ryan Chase: It's Enya live on 104 KRBE. I'm Ryan Chase. Once again Enya thank you very much for taking the time out to chat with us.

Enya: You're very welcome.

Note: Transcribed by Joel Little.