Enya: Publicity photo from California interviews


TV Interview: Good Morning America

Joan Lunden

ABC Television(USA) 10 January 1996

Promo - at 8:00am. Excerpt of 'Anywhere Is' video shown, near the beginning:

I walk the maze of moments
but everywhere I turn to...

Continues as Joan Lunden speaks.

Joan Lunden: She is the multi-platinum singer whose dreamy, new-age voice has sold an astonishing 20 million albums. And Good Morning America, I'm Joan Lunden.

Charles Gibson I know that album so well, I can tell you that's cut... that's cut number 3.

Joan Lunden: Oh, yeah? Do you?

The Weatherman: Side 1?

Charles Gibson: Yeah. No no it's... well, there's only one side left on a CD, but that is... that is cut 3, as a matter of fact. And on...

Joan Lunden: You're ageing yourself, there.

Charles Gibson We own a couple of copies of that album. Anyway, good morning. I'm Charles Gibson. It's Wednesday, January 10th and this morning we have a rare television interview with Enya. She will be here to talk about her latest album, The Memory of Trees.

Joan Lunden: Also a surprise in television. Bob Garfield has gathered together the latest in commercials...

Now fast forward to about 8:19am. Another excerpt from 'Anywhere Is'.

I wonder if the stars sign
the life that is to be mine
and would they let their light shine
enough for me to follow
I look up to the heavens
but night has clouded over
no spark of constellation
no Vela no Orion

Video keeps playing as Joan Lunden speaks.

It has been said that her music plays like the soundtrack to somebody's dream. The hypnotic harmonies of the Irish singer/songwriter named Enya has sold some 20 million records. Surprising to be sure, given the high decibel sound that seems to dominate today's music charts. And it takes years in the studio to actually record her "ethereal wall of sound" albums.

View changes from video to a picture of the album cover.

And now, she is back with her first in four years. It is called The Memory of Trees. And Enya joined us several years ago, I think it was about four years ago - her very first network interview.

Cut to Enya, smiling.

And we are delighted that she's back here this morning. You don't do a lot of interviews. First of all, it's called Memory of Trees?

Enya: Memory of Trees.

Joan Lunden: What is that for? What does it mean?

Enya: It's actually derived from Irish mythology, and it was suggested by my lyricist Roma Ryan. And, uh, we were looking for a title, and uh, something... that would um... would show... what the album was about. And when she ah, suggested The Memory of Trees, the story behind it is uh, the Druids in Ireland at one time, ah, held the trees as very sacred, and to me it was a very strong title.

Joan Lunden: And you grew up in Ireland, you still...

Enya: Mm hmm...

Joan Lunden: ... live in Ireland...

Enya: Yes I do.

Joan Lunden: Speaking Gaelic, is that correct?

Enya: Yes, in the northwest of, ah, of Ireland in county Donegal, in the small area called Gweedore, ah, they still speak Gaelic there.

Joan Lunden: And in a lot... uh, I mean uh... I read that your dad, I think, um, lead a dance band, your mom taught music, I mean [Enya laughs] your whole family's into music, but... How is this... how is this album... Is it different? Or, than the last one? Or...

Enya: Well, for me...

Joan Lunden: ... In its sound?...

Enya: ... I feel, um, I've continued where I finished off with Shepherd Moons. And um, I just like to explore as much as I can, and again I work with the same two people, with Nicky Ryan the producer and Roma Ryan. And uh, we tend to just ah, in the studio, just go with what feels right.

Joan Lunden: I don't know if people have any idea, though. I mean I... I read a little bit of this, this process, this... the process. You'll stand for hours and hours and hours and overdub. You know that sound that we're hearing? I mean, it sounds like this, this whole orchestra and all these people, but it's your voice, overdubbed and overdubbed. Have you ever kept track... Do you know... how many times, the most times you ever overdubbed your own voice?

Enya: Well once I counted 500.

Joan Lunden: Five hundred!!??

Enya: Vocals. Yeah.

Joan Lunden: You have unbelievable patience!

Enya: But it's something that I enjoy tremendously. I don't think you could do it if you didn't enjoy it, because each time it's as exciting as the first time.

Joan Lunden: And you write the melodies and you play all the instruments!?...

Enya: chuckles Yes, Yes I did...

Joan Lunden: ... You played all of them!

Enya: Mm-Hmm.

Joan Lunden: Now, it's interesting, because we talked before, I remember the last time I asked you if you were going to go on... on tour, but... and if you did how would you transfer that process that you do in the studio to get this sound to... the stage, but you... you think you could do it?

Enya: Well, some people think it's difficult because it's one person in the studio. But the way I perform in the studio is very much a live feel, performance-wise. So um, I'd like to...

Joan Lunden: ... Would you like to do it? I mean, 'cause I know you're a very private person.

Enya: chuckles No, with the music, um, I'm not so private. I love to perform music. So I would love to be on stage with this music.

Joan Lunden: She's one act that doesn't really have to go out on tour to sell the records; they sell anyway.

Enya smiles But, this is interesting. Is called Memory of Trees.

They play 'Anywhere Is' as they close.

Enya: Mm-hmm.

Joan Lunden: Nice to see you again.

Enya: It's nice to be back...

Joan Lunden: ... Nice to have you visiting once again...

Enya: ... Mm-hmm...

Joan Lunden: ... with Good Morning America. We'll be back.

Note: Transcribed by Jim Waters and posted to the Enya Mailing List on January 11, 1996.