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About Book of Days

Book of Days is a website for Enya Brennan, aka the 'short shy serious kid who ran away from home'.

Enya has, since school, kept a series of diaries which she calls her Book of Days. The song title, Book of Days, was inspired by the idea of keeping a diary, a book of days. It's unlikely that Enya will ever write an autobiography, or approve of a biography to be written of her life. Once every few years, she steps outside Aigle Studios, and outside of the bounds of her castle home, presents the world a gleaming treasure of a recording, promotes it for a few months and then disappears, returning again to the private, normal, life she loves.

The Book of Days website is a repository of magazine and newspaper articles spanning nearly 20 years of her career. This is a library then, and the main subject is Enya. This is a Book of Days of her career.

The original articles at Book of Days were once hosted by Peter Pehrson on his website,, and later held on Enya, Magic & Melody. They were gathered by various fans from as early as 1991, and posted to usenet newsgroups and Enya mailing lists. The names of these collectors and transcribers have been kept in the postings at Book of Days. Without them, much valuable information about Enya and her career would be far harder to find these days. In some places, I have corrected some of their comments, as new information has come to light.

This brings me to a caveat about these articles. You're going to find inaccuracies in these articles, you'll find contradictions in them. Enya has gone across the board from 1987 to 2006 in how she addresses certain topics. You'll find her outspoken about her split with Clannad in the early years of her career, and then quiet on the subject in the mid-years of The Memory of Trees and Paint the Sky with Stars. With the release of Amarantine, you'll find her speaking out again in interviews about her time with Clannad. Enya's comments on the when, where and how of performing concerts have been here, there and everywhere since Watermark. Enya, like everyone of us, is capable of changing her mind. I also think that how she responds to some interview questions depends on how comfortable she was with the reporter.