Album cover: Watermark


Enya - Watermark

Kristine McKenna

Los Angeles Times (USA) 23 April 1989

"Watermark" - Geffen 

Those of you who found some kind of pinnacle of philosophical wisdom in the Kansas song "Dust in the Wind" will love this record. The second album by this young chanteuse is a portentous pastiche that's drawn comparisons to ecclesiastical choir and Gregorian chant, but in fact sounds like nothing more than unusually windy New Age music. "Watermark" was created by overdubbing vocal tracks (some songs involve hundreds of layers) in an attempt to create what Enya describes as "aural cathedrals." All this technological stitching and pasting makes for bland, bloodless music ideal for elevators; this is a record about sound rather than lyrics, melody, or any of the other things that invest music with emotion and ideas.

Note: Transcribed by Tomás Román.