Album cover: Watermark



Simon Young

Top (Tower Records, UK) November 1988

Watermark (WEA) is a new album by Enya, former member of the Irish folk-oriented group Clannad who were responsible for that most haunting of theme tunes to Harry's Game. Whilst the group have gone on to record four albums for RCA, the latest of which shows them turning towards mainstream Californian AOR, Enya has pursued the kind of musical path which made 'Harry's Game' so poignant and popular. It was her electronic keyboard contributions which gave the previously acoustic Clannad their distinctively (post) modern sound - that definitively New Age blend of traditional and hi-tech. Here she has produced a fine, peaceful New Age album, which works best when her voice-from-heaven is matched with subtle electronic pools of sound and layer upon layer of breathy, Clannadesque backing vocals.

Note: Transcribed by Peter Warburton and posted to on November 19, 1991.

His comments: Record stores hereabouts (London) seem uncertain how to categorise Enya's music. The big HMV Shop in Oxford Street has chosen New Age, but they use that category as a "catch-all", so it's not a reliable guide. Tower Records at Piccadilly Circus keeps her CDs in the Folk section, but when they reviewed Watermark in their free magazine, Top, the review was in the New Age column.: