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RTE TV Interview: Daytime Life

RTE (Ireland) December 1988

Host: It went to number one after three weeks and stayed there for as long. It was, of course, the haunting Orinoco Flow from Enya. Now, a new single, Evening Falls, is straight in this week at number 36.

[An excerpt from the video of Evening Falls plays]

Host: And here she is, the lady responsible for that -- Enya.

Enya: Thank you.

Host: Welcome along to the program, Enya. Great to have your company. We were talking about Orinoco Flow just a moment ago. How surprised were you by the fact that it took off so quickly?

Enya: Extremely surprised. I don't think I've sort of come to realize the chart success as of yet. And probably will, at Christmas time, sit down and think, 'Gosh, you know, it did stay there for three weeks.'

Host: It's a very unusual form of music. I was wondering how you first got interested. Was music always in your family, for example?

Enya: Yes, it goes back to my grandparents. And they were involved in a show band, and then my parents. And from where I come from -- the Northwest -- there is very strong traditional music. And then I went to boarding school to study classical music. So I was always involved in music.

Host: And certain members of your family have been in that well-known Irish group Clannad. I know you were part of it at one time. Why did you decide to leave and go it alone?

Enya: To go it alone? I found I had been studying classical music. And then they'd asked me to perform an album with them. I spent two years with them, but I found musically I wasn't getting very far for me myself. After two years, the touring experience was great, but musically, I actually got quite lazy.

Host: [Laughs] What would you say to people that perhaps accuse you of being a bit rooted in the past with this music, a bit too reliant on some of the more traditional forms of Irish music?

Enya: Well, for me, the strongest influence is traditional music. But, as strong, as well, is the classical music. And I find very unconciously that I've actually got the combination of both classical music combined with traditional music.

Host: At the other end of the spectrum, people perhaps have accused you of appealing to the "yuppie bracket" if you like. Calling the music "New Age" and so on. What would you say to them?

Enya: I disagree entirely with the "New Age" label. It's a lovely label, "New Age," but it's certainly not for this album. This is a solo album and a very melodic album, which "New Age" music tends not to be.

Host: You seem to live a somewhat closeted existence in Dublin. I was wondering, if you are such a private person, how all this new-found publicity is affecting you.

Enya: Well, for me, I spent ten months in the studio working with Nicky and Roma. And it's --

Host: Are they producers?

Enya: Producer and lyricist, and they both manage with me. And it's so nice to actually travel, because I love traveling. So now I've got the opportunity to travel and get to talk to a lot of the public, which is important for me. But eventually I'll go back to the studio again to close the doors and work on the next album.

Host: Now, like Orinoco Flow, Evening Falls is a beautiful choral work. As I was saying, very distinctive. How did you get that amazing sound? That haunting sort of effect?

Enya: Well, it is something that Nicky Ryan, the producer, had wanted to try for years and years. He had this idea of trying hundreds and hundreds of vocals together to see what the sound would -- what it would actually sound like. I was very willing to try it, and also I have a great love for singing multi-vocal. And it's, it's, it's a lot of work in it because you could do a hundred, maybe two hundred vocals and it doesn't suit the track at all. And you have to keep working at it to actually make it compliment the track you're working on.

Host: Great. Well, we wish you luck. I know it's taken from your latest album, Watermark. And there are some lovely Gaelic songs on there as well. So anybody that's stuck for a Christmas present, I reckon they could do a lot worse than look toward your album. Thank you very much for joining us today.

Enya: Thank you.

Host: It's been great to have your company. Right, let's have another look then at the new video and single from Enya, Evening Falls . . ."

[Another piece of the Evening Falls video plays]

Note: Originally transcribed by Benjamín Brinner. The host of the show is unknown.