Enya: full face, wearing silver earrings and dark dress

Out Takes

Gloria Hunniford: But did you ever envisage though that you would be number one in the pop charts?

Enya No, no. A simple answer, no.

ITV Sunday, Sunday Interview

Gloria Hunniford:, Interviewer

ITV (UK) December 1988

Gloria Hunniford: My next guest is a former singer with the group Clannad. Her debut single, 'Orinoco Flow', was number one in the charts in October for something like three or four weeks and her album, Watermark, has just gone platinum. Well, tonight, especially for Christmas, she sings 'Silent Night', and she's singing in her native Gaelic, and it's a very big welcome to... Enya:!

[Enya: sings 'Oíche Chiún']

Gloria Hunniford:Wonderful. This is really like renewing an old acquaintance, because I think I'm right in saying that the very first television programme you ever did was in Northern Ireland on a show that I was doing.

Enya: Yes, do you want to know the date?

Gloria Hunniford: No, not really. [Enya: laughs] Actually, when was it, as a matter of interest?

Enya: It was in 1980...

Gloria Hunniford: 1980.

Enya: ...and was my first performance, and it was on your show.

Gloria Hunniford: But mind you, everything has just escalated so much, and particularly in the last twelve months. What I notice about all your records is that great wall of sound, of voices, that you create. How do you do that?

Enya: I could sing two hundred to three hundred vocals on one track.

Gloria Hunniford: You're kidding!

Enya: I'm not.

Gloria Hunniford: It's amazing. But I notice, for example, with the song tonight, in Gaelic, I mean, all right, that is a very well-known carol, so everyone knows really what you're singing, but for a general audience is it a drawback singing so much in Gaelic?

Enya: I don't think so, because it's a very beautiful sound, the Gaelic language, and for my music in particular it lends itself very well to the music I'm writing.

Gloria Hunniford: Knowing that you have that traditional background, do you find that that's the undercurrent really of all the music that you've brought to the pop charts?

Enya: I find there's a very strong combination between the traditional music and the classical music. They interlink in a very strange way in the music.

Gloria Hunniford: But did you ever envisage, though, that you would be number one in the pop charts?

Enya: No, no. A simple answer. No.

Gloria Hunniford: Were you even interested in pop music?

Enya: No, it's, for me,... I don't listen to music. This is strange, because I work with music but personally I don't listen to music because, um, the way I work, and the studio is, uh, very long hours, and if I've got any time to relax, which is very, uh, short time, I would sit quietly without any music.

Gloria Hunniford: So you'd never for example would have bought a pop record in your life?

Enya: I have no record collection at all.

Gloria Hunniford: That's amazing!

Enya: I know.

Gloria Hunniford: But knowing the area that you come from, because Gweedore in County Donegal is particularly beautiful, but it's very rugged, it's that wonderful rugged countryside, do you find that that gives you a fair bit of inspiration for some of the music that you write?

Enya: Not so much inspiration as it's got a great form of, uh, when I go home I can really relax and it's the only time that I think I don't think music. I just sit back and I just enjoy being at home.

Gloria Hunniford: So is it going to be Gweedore in County Donegal for Christmas?

Enya: Yes, very much so.

Gloria Hunniford: And big family of course.

Enya: Yes, there's nine in the family and it's going to be a big family reunion.

Gloria Hunniford: Are you looking forward to it?

Enya: Yes, very much so.

Gloria Hunniford: Well, I hope you have a relaxing time and we look forward to hearing lots more music from you in the new year. Thank you very much indeed, Enya:.

Enya: Thank you.

Note: Originally transcribed by Peter Warburton and posted to rec.music.newage on November 18, 1991.