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Press release from Atlantic Records for the U.S. release of Enya

Atlantic Records (USA) June 1988

Enya was born Enya Ni Bhraonain and raised in Gweedore, Donegal, in the North West of Ireland, speaking Gaelic as her first language. The middle child among nine (she has four brothers and sisters), Enya and her whole family formed a band that won numerous local competitions and rapidly gained considerable renown in the traditional Irish music circles.

After leaving school, Enya studied classical music. In 1980, she joined her siblings Maire, Pol, and Ciaran in the band Clannad, touring Europe extensively and recording two albums with them, as keyboardist and vocalist


Enya dropped out from the ranks of Clannad in 1982 to complete her musical studies and to concentrate on her own compositions. "I'm more influenced by classical music than I am by the bodhran and the tin whistle. I needed to get away from that," she explains. Within two years, Enya was commissioned by producer David Puttnam to compose the score for the delightful 1985 feature film The Frog Prince, which called for a dreamy, romantic score with a 60's feel.

While Enya was completing the recording of that soundtrack, she was commissioned for an epic project: the score for a major 6-part documentary series, The Celts, which aired last year on BBC 2. The program traced the history of the proud and vivid Celtic civilisation over 2,700 years, and the score involved Enya for ten months.

Highlights from the soundtrack for The Celts make up her self-titled Atlantic debut, a mesmerizing album. She not only composed the work but recorded all the vocals and music except for guitars, violin, and pipes, overdubbing herself as many as 80 times to create a distinctive, multi-layered sound. Deeply rooted in the Celtic and Irish traditions, yet stunningly contemporary and accessible, Enya is an extraordinary premiere.

Note: Transcribed by Dave Allum from copy provided by Ted Harrington. Dave's notes:

  1. Enya was born Eithne Ní Bhraonáin.

  2. Although the Enya team started recording the music for The Frog Prince, they were unable to complete it on time, and it was finally arranged and performed by other artists for the soundtrac