Listening to the Silence

Stereoplay (Alemania) April 1989

Sleeping Beauty from Dublin: Enya enchants her fans
with an Angel's tongue.

'Orinoco Flow' was the name of the snowflakes in song form which messed up the European charts last Christmas. The Irish singer Enya, former nestling of the folk family Clannad, cannot be categorised easily. On her album Watermark melodic keyboard lines are framed by angelic voices, recorded with numberless overdubs. "To sing one note many times is in some ways hypnotic to me," Enya says.

But not only her music is fascinating. On the cover and in the 'Orinoco Flow' video the 26-year old woman looks like a fairy; in reality Enya amazes by her pretty appearance. "Many people find me mysterious because I am a very private woman. In the solitude I can relax and think about nothing. I love listening to the silence."

The classical trained singer who also plays piano doesn't reveal much about her future plans: "I want to do some concerts. The next album will not be recorded exclusively digital. We plan to record the instruments and my voice in analogue. Thus the sound will be warmer and the tension of the generation process is kept."

Note: Transcribed by Andreas Iwanowitsch. The German translation is also available.