Cover: The Memory of Trees


The Memory of Trees

WOM Journal (Germany) February 1996

Every reader of Asterix knows that druids play an important role in Celtic history. As "tree experts" they did not only reflect during their yearly conference in the Carnute forest about the life cycles of the trees, but also that those silent giants survive generations of humans during their existence and therefore surely could tell some interesting stories (if only they could).

This idea inspired the singer and composer Enya Ní Bhraonáin to a musical journey of fantasy. Those "memories of trees" are mysterious, but also have a sort of meditative quietness. Only the single 'Anywhere Is' and 'On My Way Home', a song made at the end of the two year production process, are at a higher tempo.

There is hardly another artist who is able to lay open the roots of a musical culture and make them available to the public like this. But Enya has enough experience; she was long enough member of Clannad, the band of the families Ní Bhraonáin, Ó Braonáin and Dugain which was founded a quarter of a century ago, playing a similar role for the spreading of Irish folk as does today the Kelly Family for the spreading of cerebral disorders.

Involved are - besides Enya - producer Nicky Ryan and his wife Roma who writes the lyrics. Everything else Enya plays and sings (with up to 500 overdubs) herself. Composition and performance as the way to freedom - for the artist and for the listener.

Note: Translated by Andreas Iwanowitsch.