Cover: The Memory of Trees


The Memory of Trees

irland journal (Germany) January 1996

Enya's album The Memory of Trees could by all means be more successful than its predecessor Shepherd Moons which sold 8 million copies. But there is always the danger of reproaches. If the new album is too similar to the previous ones, everyone will call it a self-plagiarism. If it's too different from her successful scheme, then she will lose exactly those fans who had appreciated her albums so much and bought them in large quantities. But Enya shows a maximum of intuition in this delicate affair. The well-known "Enya-sound" can be identified easily, but somehow she manages it to let in some small deviations. So her songs have far more cinematographic fantasies than before, and the single 'Anywhere Is' shows, that the melodies aren't made consequently from "100% easy-listening stuff" anymore. Anyway, to clearly avoid misunderstandings: Someone who doesn't like ethereal sounds, won't get to like Enya's new album despite of all its qualities. But The Memory of Trees can be emphatically recommended to all her fans. Enya attends to them for the best.

Note: Transcribed by Andreas Iwanowitsch. Photo provided by Andreas Wilke .