Album Cover: Shepherd Moons


Shepherd Moons by Enya

Oracle Teletext (UK) November 1991

Shepherd Moons by Enya (WEA)

If the ambient warblings of Enya's 1989 Watermark album were to your liking then you'll just love Shepherd Moons.

Recorded at the same studio in conjunction with the same husband and wife team, Nicky and Roma Ryan, it's a remarkably atmospheric work that provides a stage for Enya's shimmering voice and musical arrangements. It almost seeps from the speakers.

The 12 tracks on Shepherd Moons are united by their ambient feel but are quite different in execution. 'Caribbean Blue' and 'Book of Days' follow on where 'Orinoco Flow' left off while new arrangements of the Irish airs 'Marble Halls' and 'How Can I Keep From Singing?' manage to fuse technology and tradition.

Shepherd Moons is a far from instant album but if you put the required work in you'll find it a rewarding listening experience.

Note: Transcribed by Peter Warburton and posted to newage on November 14, 1991.