Enya: wearing red hooded cloak.


Enya, more beautiful than she appears to be

Abi Hasantoso
Photography by Firdaus Fadlil

"HAI" magazine (No. 52/XV) December 24, 1991

The song 'Caribbean Blue' was faintly heard. Stillness felt in the press conference that was going on at Hotel Marina Mandarin, Singapore, that 9th of December. When the Gweedore, Ireland, May 17, 1961 born singer spoke, about 40 reporters - coming from Malaysia, Hongkong, Indonesia ('HAI' being the only representative), and the host country - were startlingly captivated. The voice of this 160 cm/47 kg lady was soft and lulling, not only that, the words escaping from her lips were so orderly.

"Enya is a real name. Not a stage name", said the lady with the green eyes - whose original name is Eithne Ni Bhraonain - answering a question from a reporter. Yes, her original name is kind of hard to pronounce, because it's written in Gaelic, the Irish native language. And so the name Enya (the phonetic spelling of Gaelic Eithne) is used. "It's very simple, nice, and commercial", she said again smiling sweetly.

Enya is not only soft-spoken and has a lovely name, she is also very beautiful. Someone said that her face looked like the sexy Italian actress Gina Lollobrigida's. So don't look at her face too long or you start daydreaming. More than that, "Enya is fun to talk with", reported Abi Hasantoso and Firdaus Fadlil from HAI.

Note: Transcribed by E.F.O.