Enya on horseback in scene from The Celts video.



Valentina De Poli

Minni & Company (Italy) October 1993

A mother-of-pearl and clouds-faced fairy knows deeply the secrets of the music to dream...

[Written under a wonderful photograph portraying Enya white-dressed on the shore of a lake: In Ireland, land of spells, Gaelic, the magic language of Celtic people, is still studied. According to the Celts, the Lake-Fairies are very beautiful moon-coloured girls, like Enya.]

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived in a farm in the County of Gweedore, in the heart of Ireland. The young girl was the little one of a nice family where the art of music was cultivated with passion. Mum and Dad, in order to entertain their young... "sprites" sang them the Celts’ fairy-tales in Gaelic. Legends, more ancient than two thousand years, which told about enchanted worlds where fairies, knights, elves and salamanders appeared and... disappeared, like a kind of magic. The children were fascinated by these adventures and the youngest among them, [Actually she isn’t the youngest; I think she is the fifth of nine brothers and sisters] Eithne Ni Bhraorain, called Enya, listened to each story enraptured, taking every note and word to heart... in order to dream and to imagine. Enya was young, delicate, frail, almost like the moon, and lost in her enchanted world. She studied classical and Celtic music at the college, as well as her brothers who, following their family tradition, had studied so much that they founded a successful musical group, Clannad. "Come with us, Enya!" they insisted highly satisfied with their experience. And she was persuaded. So, for the young mother-of-pearl-faced fairy, already eighteen years old, two years of performances all around the world began, among the applause and admiration of thousand of people. Just her who doesn’t like being a protagonist! To take courage in the presence of the great audience, she closed her eyes and let a rhyme that she had learnt when she was a child come to light:

"Through all the tumult and the strife
I hear it’s music ringing
It sounds an echo in my soul
How can I keep from singing?"

It seemed to have been written just for her: this was what Enya felt! In her soul there was all her world of melodies, fanciful images, enchanted dreams to free through singing. But in the songs everything: images, words, voices, noises, notes... just everything have to stay on the same plane in an single harmony: nothing have to become "the" protagonist, not even her. Enya’s music is an invitation to let the mind go, to let the thoughts slide far and away... Very beautiful words in terms of musical poetry, but in business terms how many difficulties and misunderstandings! And how much care in making those people who are concerned in record sales and place-lists understand this magic technique of composing music! So Enya’s dreams seemed to be intended to remain as they were!

Then, one day, the meeting with Ricky and Roma Ryan, music producers. Playing the piano in their house Enya began spontaneously on singing. "Listening to her music and her voice wonderful images appeared to me" - said Roma - "It was the fairy land, in fact, Enya was a fairy... Her voice melody combined with the notes of the piano, was like... a cloud covered with flowers, very beautiful, soft, fleeting...". Thanks to this ability in creating magic atmospheres, Enya’s songs have become the soundtracks of famous films and of a series of telefilms concerning the legends of the Celtic civilisation, collected in a wonderful album, The Celts, where, beside every songs, we can find the mythical Irish characters’ stories. The other Enya’s successes are Watermark and Shepherd Moons, records full of emotional tensions, that make everyone dream: Enya make use of her voice unique in the world, as an instrument and so sounds, poetry, the roaring of the water, wind, echoes that fade away into infinity, seem to recall and to make alive places, visions of the past... or of the present? Maybe of the future... I wonder: her melodies overcome the barriers of the real time, as well as in dreams...

Note: Transcribed by Silvia Curti & Walter Barlassina.