Album Cover: Paint the Sky with Stars


Enya: Paint The Sky With Stars (The Best Of)

Happening Magazine (Singapore) 1998

Irish singer/composer Enya is no stranger to us Singaporeans who are ever so bewitched by Celtic tunes. Hummm... could this be the reason for the massive success of the James Horner Titanic soundtrack?!! Or maybe, we just love music that surrounds tragedy.

There isn't much to say about a greatest hits compilation is there? The first track is invariably the biggest hit to date. Even a child would have heard of "Orinoco Flow", thanks to massive radio airplay, and private spins by adults in their fervour to get the younger ones to be musically tasteful. Hence, the refrain "Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away" is invariably ingrained in my mind, for better of worse.

One thing to note about Enya is that she loves to paint images of going on a journey, as apparent in the track "Book of Days". Now imagine listening to this before you go to the market or for your dental appointment. It'll definitely make your trip more surreal!! The next track, if I had any say, I would not include in this compilation. "Anywhere Is" is an embarrassing copy of the "Orinoco Flow" concept. Another journey is embarked in this song, ending nowhere in my opinion. Still it was a hit (sigh, the mysteries of the charts!).

One effect that Enya uses to the max, is the ecclesiastical influence she pours liberally over her music. You can almost imagine a music video filled with angels and priest. Vocally her technique of layering different vocal notes comes across as pleasant on some tracks whilst a smidge trying on others. Her lyrics, repetitive to a harmful level, is seen by some (like myself) as a form of brainwash! Also, it serves to highlight her lyrical simplicity, Hey! Isn't there a running joke that the Irish are errr...simple?

Still, there are brilliant moments in this compilation, the music is BEAUTIFUL. The piano piece "Watermark" is one I never tire of, and I first heard it nearly 10 years ago. Then, there are classics like "Storms in Africa" and "Shepherd Moons". Plus, fans are treated to a bonus of new tracks, "Paint The Sky With Stars" and "Only If", the former being the better of the two.

Along with producer Nicky Ryan, Enya has come up with a reflective collection that is accomplished (I just wished shed stopped all this journey crap once in a while and ARRIVE). If you haven't heard Enya -tsk!tsk!- this compilation is a good place to start your err... journey. You WILL like her, trust me on this one.

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days.