Enya: publicity still for Paint the Sky With Stars


Castle for Enya

The News Letter (Belfast, Northern Ireland); 9/12/1997

Irish singer Enya has bought a pounds 2.5 million castle home overlooking Dublin Bay.

She is moving to the Co Dublin village of Killiney, known locally as Beverly Hills because of the number of showbiz figures and other personalities who are based there.

Enya will be a neighbour of U2 lead singer Bono. Race drivers Damon Hill and Eddie Jordan also live close to her new home.

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days/TreeCat. Almost too short to be worth including, but Mandeley Castle has become part of the Enya mystique -- the fairytale princess of ensconced in her own castle. The article is incorrect about Enya and Killiney. Enya had lived in an apartment in Killiney for seven or eight years prior to buying Ayesha Castle, and often walked past the castle on her way to Aigle Studio.