Enya: press photo taken at Manderley Castle


Enya dries her tears for Christmas

Sunday Mirror (London, England), 2 November 1997

Superstar Enya will not have a lonely Christmas - despite the break-up with her Spanish boyfriend.

The singer is determined not to wallow in self-pity.

So she's planning a huge family party in her new pounds 2 million castle in South County Dublin.

A team of builders have been given instructions to get the castle ready for the bash.

"I want it to be very cosy - not a cold and daunting place like many old castles," she says.

Reclusive Enya, 37, the third richest woman in Ireland with an income of about pounds 3 million a year from album sales, rarely appears in public.

She refuses to discuss her broken romance. All she will say is: "I'm trying to make a little more time for myself. That doesn't rule out another relationship at some time."

And it doesn't rule out having children, either. "If that happens, it will happen," she says.

"It would be wonderful. But if it's not to be, then that's fine."

Enya says she is very excited at the thought of the Christmas reunion.

"Christmas will be very special," she says. "We always have a great bit of craic when the family meets up."

She will also be able to reflect that her unique music is helping cure thousands of children suffering from the devastating illness of autism.

Experts have found that her music can help them to communicate.

"I am deeply touched to hear that some of my music has helped make life a bit easier for some of those suffering from autism," Enya says.

The star is no stranger to helping youngsters. Earlier this month she donated pounds 5,000 to help a three-year-old girl with cerebral palsy.

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days. The Mirror's concern for Enya's happiness is heartwarming .