Enya: publicity photo, leaning forward toward camera


ENYA BIKE!; Singer bans men from hotel room

Kevin Airs

The Mirror (London, England) 27 January 1997

Pop queen Enya has barred male staff from entering her luxury holiday hotel suite.

The millionaire star, who is taking a three-week break Down Under with her parents, is terrified of stalkers.

She has been hounded by an obsessed fan who follows her everywhere and has bombarded her with love letters

The pest has turned the dark-haired singer into a virtual recluse.

She has stunned staff at Sydney's five-star Ritz Carlton with her frosty man-ban.

The former Clannad has booked the hotel's two most exclusive and expensive suites which overlook the famous Opera House.

She warned management that any male employees would find a permanent "do not disturb" notice on her door and that she would only open the door to women.

Room service has to be delivered by waitresses and handymen are strictly off-limits. A female employee said: "She's obviously not planning to take an Aussie hunk home with her.

"Personalities sometimes hit us with strange demands but this ranks as one of the oddest.

"Most female celebrities are only too happy to see a smiling Aussie fella in their room." She added: "I just hope Enya doesn't have a leaky shower. We don't have many women plumbers."

Despite the man-ban, Enya still seems to have a spot for romance.

She was spotted at a nearby open-air production of Romeo and Juliet.

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days. In defense of the 'millionaire pop queen', it should be noted that Enya was stalked by a rabid Italian fan through 1996 and possibly into 1997. If The Mirror's story is accurate, she might have made the request based on advise from security consultants.