Enya: video capture from Rosie O'Donnell Show

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Rosie: You never, like, stole the nun's habits... (Enya laughs) You gotta hang out with me more, Enya. (Enya and audience laugh) I'm gonna teach ya how to get in trouble. (Enya laughing harder) I can tell from your music, you're a do-gooder. You're a nice girl. You never did nothin' wrong. LET'S GO DRINK BEER AND GET WASTED!!!

TV Interview: The Rosie O'Donnell Show

Interviewer: Rosie O'Donnell

The Rosie O'Donnell Show (US) 12 December 1997

Every show starts with someone from the audience announcing the guests.

Sheila: It's the Rosie O'Donnell Show. Today's guests are Nathan Lane, Amy Ephron, and Enya. Hit it, John!

Theme Song: (included because they alter the lyrics each day, and so today's song had a reference to Enya)

Hurry. Grab a good seat, now. Rosie's commin' your way.
She's here and full of surprises.
Broadway, and music, celeb's and more. (Oh, smores!)
Lots of kids you'll see, along with John McD.
We're all set to go! (We're all flyin' to Kenya just ta hear some Enya!)
It's the Rosie O'Donnell Show!

(snip ahead to about 45 minutes into the show)

Rosie: Her music is breath-taking and spiritual with an Irish twist. This is her new CD, "Paint the Sky with Stars". Please welcome Grammy Award winner, Enya.

(Enya performs "Only If.")

Rosie: Enya! Thank you so much. (shakes her hand)

We're gonna talk to you after this break. Back with Enya after this commercial. Don't go away; we'll be right back. Thanks...

(Commercial break - after that, Rosie and Enya are talking. We can just hear Enya saying "...older...")

Rosie: ...or which is the younger, right! Back with Enya. I just love your music, it's so beautiful, and soothing, and spiritual, and great!

Enya: Thank you very much!

Rosie: And I remember what I heard in "Far and Away". You scored that movie.

Enya: It was the, uh, end song, ah, that was written for Ron Howard for that movie.

Rosie: With the horses and everything?

Enya: ...mmm-hmm...

Rosie: It was beautiful. Are you gonna do a lot of work, work with films and start scoring?

Enya: Well, I actually began with soundtrack. Firstly, I worked with David Puttnam on a small movie called, uh, "The Frog Prince" and then I worked with the BBC on "The Celts". So it was new to me, to actually go and do a solo album...

Rosie: Oh, really?

Enya: ...so, yes, so it's something I still enjoy, and I hope to still kinda work, uh, with soundtrack incorporating that with...

Rosie: Do you...

Enya: ...the solo work.

Rosie: ...find that any easier cause you get that sorta inspiration from the film?

Enya: It's.. It's very different work, but it's... it's, it's quite different and I enjoy the challenge both ways. But it's, it's not easy either way, if it's a solo album or for soundtrack.

Rosie: You know, this is a "best of" CD...

Enya: ...mm-hmm...

Rosie: ..."Paint the Sky with Stars", so it's got all...

(cover of Paint the Sky with Stars displayed)

...all the... hits that we love.

(the "Sail Away..." chorus from "Orinoco Flow" is played. Enya laughs. Rosie sings "Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away" along with it. Audience cheers.)

It's beautiful! It really is. Get's your heart in that mood. (Enya laughs.)

So you're from Ireland...

Enya: Yes.

Rosie: ...and Enya is an Irish name? I - I never heard of it before you.

Enya: Eithne (pronounced "Enya") is... well I'm... was born, was in the Gaeltacht area in County Donegal, and Gaelic is my first language. So Eithne is, uh, Gaelic. But there's a story behind it. um. There's a... goddess in Irish mythology that was, uh, known as Eithne.

Rosie: And what was the... the myth about her?

Enya: Oh, it wasn't so pleasant, but it was, um...

Rosie: Really? (Enya laughs) Was it like she'd a beautiful, spiritual voice and then you'd know...

Enya: No, no, no. It was actually, um, she was not to marry, because it was destined that her husband would uh, eventually kill her father. So her father sent her away to this remote island. But, alas, she met somebody and, um, it happened that...uh, it wasn't like, ah, he intended to kill her father, but through battle, whatever, her father was killed by her husband.

Rosie: Did your father name you?

Enya: No, (slight chuckle) it was my grandfather, actually. (laughs)

Rosie: All right. Good enough, because I would've thought that's a lot of therapy bills there, right there, y'know.

Uh, you're from a big family though, you're one of nine kids.

Enya: Mmmm. I've four brothers and four sisters.

Rosie: Do ya like?... I think that's a great thing, do ya like that?

Enya: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Very fun...

Rosie: A lot of people...

Enya: ...growing up...

Rosie: ...they either think that's the most frightening thing (Enya laughs) or the best thing in the world.

Enya: Yeah.

Rosie: And then it was sort of the older kids and the younger kids?

Enya: Yeah.

Rosie: What number were you?

Enya: I was... The younger kids.

Rosie: You were the younger?

Enya: Yeah. (chuckles)

Rosie: Were you the baby?

Enya: No no no, there was two younger than... three younger than me, actually.

Rosie: So you were lucky, 'cause by the time you guys came around, your parents were fed up. (Enya nods yes) You got to do whatever you wanted, right?

Enya: Yeah. Not like the old daughters. They, they had to... It was stricter for them.

Rosie: Did ya go to Catholic school over there?

Enya: Yes, it is.

Rosie: Did ya get beat up by the nuns?

Enya: Ummm... (audience laughs) I went to boarding school actually.

Rosie: Went to boarding school!? (teeth gritted in sympathy!) Oh, my goodness!

Enya: Five years and... I enjoyed it.

Rosie: You did? And what... how m... how often do ya get to go home when you're in boarding school?

Enya: It was like, uh, Halloween, Christmas, Easter.

Rosie: How old were you?

Enya: I was eleven.

Rosie: Oh, was that... Was it hard?

Enya: No it wasn't because I found um, with... coming from a big family, that I was kind of, ah, um... It was like, very protected, uh, with the family and a lot of people making decisions for me, so when I went to boarding school, I kinda became very independent, and I, I enjoyed that.

Rosie: Really?

Enya: Yeah.

Rosie: I always think of it as like torture, boarding school.

Enya: I think you either like it or you don't.

Rosie: Right. You never ran away, or...?

Enya: No, no, no, no.

Rosie: You never, like, stole the nun's habits... (Enya laughs) You gotta hang out with me more, Enya. (Enya and audience laugh) I'm gonna teach ya how to get in trouble. (Enya laughing harder) I can tell from your music, you're a do-gooder. You're a nice girl. You never did nothin' wrong. LET'S GO DRINK BEER AND GET WASTED!!!

(Audience cheers!)

Enya: Guinness!

Rosie: C'MON!! LET'S GO, ENYA! (shakes Enya's hand - audience applauds) You can see it all tomorrow on Hard Copy. Me and you at the bar. (sings) I've been a landrover for many a yeaarrr!

Enya: So long as it's Guinness. Has to be Guinness.

Rosie: Guinness is like a meal in itself.

Enya: Do you like it?

Rosie: I... I can drink it, but I don't love it...

Enya: Right. Kind of bitter.

Rosie: ...I don't like it... I like an ambery beer, ya know, like Sam Adams, I'm enjoy... I can enjoy that.

Enya: Mmm-hmm.

Rosie: Ya'd like a Sam Adams?

Enya: (Shakes her head no) Not really.

Rosie: You'd only go for Guinness?

Enya: No, actually I don't drink it.

Rosie: You don't drink Guinness?

Enya: No. I think everybody assumes "You're from Ireland, you must drink Guinness"...

Rosie: Right.

Enya: ...it's like... not everybody does.

Rosie: You don't. Well, you can learn.

Enya: I know.

Rosie: The two of us. (Enya laughs) We got a weekend comin' up, what-a-ya say? Alright? Saturday night. You and me. The bowling alley. C'MON, ENYA! (Enya laughs. Audience applauds.) C'MON!! We'll be singin' "Kevin Barry" by the time the night's over. Listen, it's delightful to have you here. I... I really love your music. And thank you so much for being on the show.

Enya: Thank you. Thank you for asking me here. Thank you so much.

Rosie: "Paint the Sky with Stars" is the new CD. Please go buy it. We'll be right back after the break. Don't go away.

Note: Transcribed by Jim Waters and Jeff Harrison.