Album cover: And Winter Came


Enya: And Winter Came

Dan Cairns

The Sunday Times Online (Uk), Nov. 9, 2008

There can surely be only two explanations for why Enya’s new album sounds exactly like her previous ones: creative famine (the singer and her longtime collaborators, Roma and Nicky Ryan, shot their bolts, artistically, years ago) or commercial cynicism. I shall long cherish the blurb’s guff about how And Winter Came was “originally envisioned as a Christmas-themed album. As recording progressed, it became apparent that a broader seasonal theme had emerged”. This, about a record released in time for the Christmas market, featuring sleigh bells, ponderous, pointless versions of O Come, O Come Emmanuel and Silent Night, and song titles such as White Is in the Winter Night and The Spirit of Christmas Past. Broader seasonally themed greetings, then. Ker-ching.

1 star out of 5

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days. Any takers on how many times Dan Cairns didn't listen to the album? Hey, BOD is a library. I put up the good with the bad. Take pity on poor Cairns. His hearing's probably been irreparably damaged by review rap crap.