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Album cover: And Winter Came


Enya: And Winter Came

Victoria Segal

The Times Online (Uk), Nov. 7, 2008

Despite already having three Christmas EPs to her name, Enya has chosen to revisit the seasonal theme for her first album since 2005. She has sold 70 million records worldwide but it now seems that she has set her sights upon imprinting Christmas morning with the Enya brand. So there are bells and stars, there is twinkling and plinking, and a version of Silent Night that sounds exactly how you expect it to sound. Ultimately, though, this record is as inoffensive as a scented festive plug-in, the perfect sprout-preparation music for households where tofurkey reigns supreme.

3 stars out of 5

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days. Very odd. Victoria Cairns reviews the album for a weekday edition of the paper and Dan Cairns reviews it for the Sunday album.