Enya and Winter Came to Berlin...

Showbiz Ireland (Ireland), Nov. 11, 2008

Spooky otherworldly singer Enya has officially left Middle Earth and is about to drop some of her latest Elfish tunes on the Pop charts. Yup. The Gweedore gal has left her castle overlooking Bono's gaff and released a new album called "And Winter Came" just in time for the Christmas frenzy...

Enya's strange floaty music freaks us and everyone else in the world out. It just doesnít sound like it was made by a human. The woman herself evokes even more of a reaction - rumours of her strange reclusive behaviour would make Howard Hughes and Michaeal Jackson look like sociable chaps down the pub on a Sunday afternoon.

But we never really bought-in to the hype that our little Donegal girl lived a complete solitary existence, only speaking once a year on winter solstice in her own invented Loxian language while channeling the spirit of JRR Tolkien. Nah. Thatís just media spin folks.

Truth be told, Enya (real name Eithne Brennan) is Ireland's 2nd most successful artist ever, only being pipped by Bono and the U2 boys. She spends many laborious hours layering her voice up to 500 times on each track, getting that unique ethereal trademark sound.

With such tedious and committed devotion to her work, Enya doesn't really have the time to down pints of Guinness with Ireland's other musicians in Lillies Bordello every Thursday night. What with her detailing every millimeter of each sound she produces thousands of times, her timeless silky ensembles show you where her time is spent if you listen hard enough... In the studio.

Whatever it is Enya does in the days, months and years she spends hidden away from her public doesn't take away from her musical enigma. It adds to it... Now that she's about to go on a worldwide whirlwind tour promoting her latest album 'And Winter Came' we'll hopefully get a rare chance to experience this mystical singer in the flesh...

Enya was in Berlin yesterday with Warner Music Group Central Europe to launch her new album. Annnd despite interacting with other human beings she still managed to give off that effortless ghostly vibe she does so well... Has anyone ever spotted Enya down her local Spar buying bogroll and the Evening Herald?

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days. Well, that's Showbiz Ireland for you. This is what they do and, hey, the last couple of paras aren't that bad, are they? Get a laugh out of it and enjoy the great photos of Enya at the Berlin launch party.