Enya is seeking yet another chart topper

Strabane Chronicle.com (Ireland), Nov. 13, 2008

It's 20 years since international recording artist and composer Enya first hit the coveted number one spot in the global charts with Orinoco Flow. The singer now returns with her new collection, And Winter Came, for Warner Music.

The multi Grammy Award winner has sold over 70 million records and returns to the spotlight with her new single, Trains and Winter Rains and album, And Winter Came, seeking revived chart popularity. Affectionately known in the music world as 'The Invisible Star,' Enya hails from Gweedore and has spent the past two years in Aigle Studio, Dublin with her creative team, producer Nicky Ryan and lyricists Roma Ryan, recording 12 exciting songs. "I am really excited about the collection, it's all so fresh", says Enya.

The album includes gems such as Journey of the Angels, One Toy Soldier, Oiche Chiuin and My, My, Time Flies, a tribute to her departed friend, guitarist Jimmy Faulkner. Warners vice president John Reid described the singer's seventh studio album And Winter Came, as 'Enya's best work yet.'

At present Enya is criss-crossing Europe from Berlin to Madrid and London promoting And Winter Came and there is talk that the singer could soon be performing live in concert for the first time.

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days.