Album cover: Amarantine


Pop: Amarantine

John Aizlewood

The Evening Standard (London) 11/18/2005

Enya ALWAYS the maverick, Enya still refuses to play live or enter into any of the promotional games that artists are meant to indulge in.

Instead, she sells records (65 million at the last count), singing in English, Japanese and an unnamed language conceived by lyricist Roma Ryan, wife of Enya's manager, and producer Nicky Ryan.

Amarantine is uncompromising, unlike anyone else (apart from her former band, Clannad), and is a work of beauty as capable of breaking hearts as mending them. The title track, with its introductory hint of Orinoco Flow, glides ahead on a bed of gentle melody, but manages to be as hook-laden as a Franz Ferdinand single, while It's in the Rain is mournful and uplifting, and Someone Said Goodbye is a slice of hushed despair. Desperately good.

Amarantine (Warner Bros)

Notes: Transcribed by Book of Days