Enya: publicity photo, steps


Enya releases new CD after 5 years

Het Niewsblad (Belgium) 23 October 2005***

"We do NOT always do the same thing"

If we tell you that there is an Irish singer who sells more records in the Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg) than Madonna, you won't believe us. It is true though...

Her name: Enya. Around the world this lady, who's breakthrough was in 1988 with Orinoco Flow, has sold already 65 million records. For many people it is thus great news that for the first time in five years there will be a new CD. The album was launched festively just outside Paris. Amarantine ("Everlasting") is Enya's 6th album, with new music that will sound familiar to the fans. Once again the collaborated with the couple Nicky and Roma Ryan, that has assisted her since the beginning.

"Sometimes people say: it's always the same you do" says Nicky Ryan at a press conference. "I think that's not true. Why they never say that about those rock-'n-roll bands? Those are always doing the same too? It's Enya music. This is what comes out of her head." "The fun thing is that nobody knows what to do with it", continues Enya, "I've seen my CD's classified as new age, Irish music, world music and classical music."

Why she never tours? "I'd love to do so, but it would require an orchestra and a choir. We wanted to do concert after the last CD, but suddenly we were asked to write to songs for The Lord of the Rings . Hopefully it will come that far this time. (HMP)

The single 'Amarantine' will be released 14/11, the album 21/11 (distribution by Warner).

Note: Transcribed by Liesbeth Switten and Robby Verschueren. The Dutch original can be found here.