Enya at Grammy Awards


Enya operates on Donegal time
at Grammy awards

Donegal News (Ireland) 16 February 2007

INTERNATIONALLY acclaimed singing star Enya was operating on "Donegal time" when she missed her cue at the Grammy Awards.

The reclusive singer's Grammy had to be collected on her behalf despite her having attended the awards ceremony for the first time.

The Gweedore born artiste was still enjoying the adoration of her fans on the red carpet when her name was called for the coveted prize. When the time came for her to step up on stage on Sunday night, she was nowhere to be seen.

With the winner a no-show, her award for Best New Age Album had to be accepted on her behalf.

"I was actually on the red carpet. But the news was wonderful when I heard it," she said after the ceremony

The very private singer and composer won the award for her sixth studio album 'Amarantine'.

This was Enya's fourth Grammy, but it was the first time she travelled to Los Angeles to attend the presentations. However celebrity gridlock on the red carpet meant she didn't get to collect it.

Enya has won the same category in the past for 'Shepherd Moon' in 1992, 'The Memory of Trees' in 1996 and 'A Day Without Rain' in 2001.

Sunday's Grammy follows on a long line of honours she has won for her music with six World Music Awards, a Los Angeles Film Critics Association award and nominations for a host of Oscars and Golden Globes.

Note: Thanks to Draoicht of the Unity Fan Forum with providing me a copy of this article.