Enya: white lace gown, portrail


Singer Hits Panic Button
after man ties up maid

John Breslin

Irish Examiner, 29 September 2005

RECLUSIVE multi-millionaire singing star Enya was locked inside her panic room-style private quarters as a stalker spent hours prowling the corridors of her south Dublin castle.

One of her maids was tied up during a two-hour ordeal inside the Donegal singer's home in upmarket Killiney.

The man managed to break in to the castle despite the cautious singer, whose estimated worth is (euro)100 million, spending hundreds of thousands on security.

It was the second stalker incident within a week - an Englishman having been caught and arrested in the grounds.

Less than seven days later, the second incident happened. Gardaí investigating the break-in, which happened six weeks ago but was only revealed publicly yesterday, believe he was a stalker rather than a burglar.

He managed to get a key to a safe but did not steal cash or valuables, according to reports, though he did steal some personal items.

Enya, Eithne Ní Bhraonain, was unaware for some time the man was prowling the corridors. When the 43-year-old1 discovered what was happening, she pressed a panic button. By the time gardaí arrived, the man was gone.

He entered the staff quarters of the six-bedroom Manderley Castle and tied up a 56-year-old member of staff before attempting to get into the singer's private quarters.

Enya, who left the family band Clannad to pursue a solo career in the early 80s, is best known for her 1988 breakthrough album Watermark, which featured the phenomenally successful hit, Orinoco Flow.

One of the world's biggest-selling recording artists, she stays out of the spotlight and is extremely protective of her personal life.

She was once stalked by an Italian man for more than a year. He wrote love letters, recorded an album and even stabbed himself after being thrown out of her parent’s pub in Gweedore.

Enya made a rare appearance with her siblings during the summer. She joined family members at the Earagail Arts Festival in Donegal in July.

Note: (1)The first news reports of the break-ins at Mandeley Castle correctly state that the incidents occured several weeks previously--in early to mid-August 2005. As the news circulated, many newspapers and online news sources began treating the breakins as if they had occured within the past several days.





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