Enya: Only Time cd-single cover


Seasonal Return of Enya

Alan Poole

Coventry Evening Telegraph (England) 24 November 2000

IF THE word ethereal hadn't already existed, somebody would surely have dreamed it up to as the mandatory adjective for Enya.

However desperate you are to be original, you inevitably fall back on the E word - and why not, when it so perfectly encapsulates her enduring charm?

Her new album, A Day Without Rain - the first for five years if you discount the Paint The Sky With Stars best-of collection - certainly follows the pattern established on Watermark, Shepherd Moons and The Memory Of Trees.

All the tracks are instantly identifiable as Enya and critics who don't care for her will doubtless pounce on that as evidence of musical stagnation.

But in fact there is a wonderful range here, as fresh layers of subtle riches are revealed with each play.

It is this deceptive complexity which restricts Enya's output and, perhaps, keeps her fans eager for more.

"As I do all the vocals and harmonies and do not sample, this obviously takes up a considerable amount of time," she points out.

"Also, as everything you hear on the album is played by me, that too becomes a very long process. Therefore, we are inclined to take much longer in the studio than other people."

As to the album title, she explains: "It refers to the mood of a particularly peaceful day.

"We do get a lot of rain in Ireland, in all seasons. We had had a run of days where it had done nothing but rain, then one day the sun came out.

"It was then that I wrote the title track, so what else could I call it?"

Note: The article included a photo with this caption: SUBTLE RICHES: Irish singer Enya is back with a new album, A Day Without Rain. If anyone can identify the photo that went with this article, I'll be glad to incorporate it.