Enya: Only Time cd-single cover


Fear of Failure Stopped Enya from Touring

Sunday Mirror (UK) April 4, 2001

ENYA has revealed how she put off touring for an incredible 23 years because she was convinced her career was about to hit the buffers.

The Irish star, who has sold 44 million albums worldwide, said that she had only recently stopped believing that each new record would be her last.

Until then she had fretted about the cost associated with performing her highly complex studio arrangements in public in case she was left to pick up the tab.

''I didn't know about the longevity of my career, so we weren't thinking about hiring a full orchestra and choir to play all the different parts," she said.

"So I just dedicated myself to making music in the studio."

The 39-year-old Donegal-born musician recently announced a concert tour of the US - her first since achieving worldwide fame as Enya during the late 1980s.

Her only previous public performances were with Clannad.

Note: Transcribed by Book of Days.