Enya: press shot taken during an interview


Enya: Pure Oxygen TV interview

Pure Oxygen - Oxygen Network (USA) 11 December 2000

<at 1:34pm>

May Lee: Welcome back to "Pure Oxygen", I'm May Lee. Coming up in this half hour, if you have an old Apple IIc lying around the house, we'll tell you how you can donate it for a great cause. Monica.

Monica: Okay, also coming up, it's Enya and she is here. She's gonna sing her

hit. Very mystical, very calming, very soothing; and she will blow you

away; I promise.

May Lee: I can not wait. I love her music. But first, let's head over to Amy

<cut to 1:40pm>

Amy: Enya's up next. You're watching "Pure Oxygen".

<except of "On My Way Home" video played before comercial break>

...As I am walking, surrounded by night.

Stars high above me, make a wish under...

<cut to 1:43pm. Part of "A Day Without Rain" played at end of break>

Monica: Welcome back to "Pure Oxygen". Having sold an astonishing 44 million albums worldwide, Enya ranks alongside Tina Turner, Cher, and Madona. No one label can adequately define her mystical, multi-layered, celtic- hued sound. Today, here to perform "Only Time", from her eagerly awaited...

<album cover is shown>

...new album "A Day Without Rain", is the one and only Enya.

<Enya, dressed in dark blue and seated at a white grand piano, with players behind her, performs an abbreviated version of "Only Time". (The 2nd stanza was omitted)>

<sub-band: Enya, "Only Time">

<Cut to 1:47pm. Monica joins Enya at the piano>

Monica: Wonderful! Thank you so much for being here.

Enya: You're very welcome.

Monica: That just made me very calm, and it's so soothing.

Enya: Thank you.

Monica: Now, let me ask you this, where did you come up with the title for your CD, "A Day Without Rain"?

Enya: Well, uh, as they know, there's quite a bit of rain in Ireland, and

um, I wrote the title track and Roma, who writes lyrics with me, asked

what the inspiration was and, when I said "Well, it's a day without


<sub-band: Enya's real name "Eithne Ni Bhraonain">

...she said uh, that was a good title in regards to... that it can be

taken literally, or else you can take it... "A day with rain" - what

does that mean to the individual?....

<sb: She was named after a Celtic Goddess.>

...So I thought it would be a very good title, for the album

Monica: Sort of let the listener translate it...

Enya: ...Mm hmm...

Monica:...to whatever they want it to mean?

<sb: Born in the Irish town of Gweedore.>

Enya: Yeah, I like that.

Monica: I like that. <Enya chuckles> Now, speaking of Ireland, you are Ireland's biggest selling recording artist. <Enya nods> What an honor!

Enya: Yeah, yeah.

Monica: That's a big deal. 44 million albums worldwide. Now, this is what I want to ask you. This is the question of the day. Your music is so different from anything else we hear...

Enya: Mm hmm...

Monica: ...and so original. Do you catagorize your music? And if you do, what catagory would you put it in?


Enya: It's very difficult to catagorize the music, because from day one, um, I work with two other people. That's producer, Nicky Ryan, and he arranges the music with me; and the lyricist, Roma Ryan. And basically we have always concentrated on the music...

<sb: Has been nominated for 4 Grammy Awards>

...and never let any, sort of, anybody dictate to us musically... and, in that way it's very difficult to catagorize it because it is very different.

Monica It is...

Enya...You know. So I...

<sb: She took home 2 Grammy Awards>

Monica: ...Do you take it from inspiration? What inspires you?

Enya It's, it's,... I mean the main themes in this album is of life, and - you know - nature, and of love. You know, it's...it's dealing with, you know, everyday, sort of, ah, moments that are kind of, um, you know, kind of magical moments or very nostalgic moments and...

Monica: ...Mm hmm...

Enya: ...basically there'd be the, the moments that would inspire me to

write the, the music.

Monica: Which are really themes that everyone,...

<sb: For more Enya: www.enya.com>

...no matter what country you live in, can relate to. Is... Do you think that's why you have such a mass appeal worldwide?

Enya: Mmm, I think that things are very universal in that way. Yeah.

Monica: Yeah. Now, you've...you're up there with Cher and Madonna. Right? <Enya smiles> Let's be honest. Let's not be shy. <Enya chuckles> But you've never pandered to the media. You don't do the party scene. Uh, you don't read about Enya in the rags. Why has it been... not been so important to you to, to take that route and sort of, you know, pander to the media?

Enya: Well I think, uh, you know, there's this stage where I write music, and then I record it and then...

<sb: Lives in a castle south of Dublin.>

...I go on a promotional trip. And...

Monica: ...Mmm hmm,...

Enya: ...there's this stage then where I feel I've got to get back to my roots. You know, because this is what I write about. You know, and it's really important...

<sb: Her father was a showband leader...>

...to be able to stand back and get back to me, myself, to my life. And I like to retain as...

<sb: ...and her mother a music teacher.>

...private a lifestyle as possible. You know, and to me to get back to my roots is family and friends, you know, and even though they're very proud of my success, they still treat me as Eithne growing up and that's something that's important to me that keeps my feet firmly on the ground and I enjoy that.

Monica: And that was a conscious decision...

<sb: For more Enya: www.enya.com>

...you made from the beginning?

Enya: Yeah, because I, I felt, um, with the success of Watermark, uh, I love the success, but I didn't want it to change me. You know, I wanted to be able to write the music, but I wanted to be able to retain who I... have always been.

Monica: Which is easier... said than done...

Enya: ...Well, <chuckles> yes...

Monica: ...Not an easy thing to do, but you've done it.

Enya: Yeah.

Monica: Thank you, Enya.

Enya: Thank you.

Monica: That was beautiful. Will you come back soon?

Enya: Oh, I hope so.

Monica: Very, very good...

Enya: ...Thank you...

Monica: ...Ok again, the album is called "A Day Without Rain". Don't go away, you're watching "Pure Oxygen".

<The album is shown again, and the beginning music to "Lazy Days" is played as they go to commercial.>

<The last bit of Enya relevence in the program comes at the end, as they replay a small part of Enya's performance of "Only Time" as they roll the closing credits.>

Note: Originally transcribed by Jim Waters. Throughout the show, at the bottom of the screen information is displayed from time to time. These are indicated by the words "sub-band" in blue type.