Fan Reviews of Amarantine

With Amarantine, Enya has released her sixth solo recording. In a career spanning over 20 years, the Donegal-born singer has sold over 70 million recordings.

An artist with that kind of record deserves reviews that are more than slap, dash and cheap shots. Too many reviews of Amarantine have been just that.

It’s not that I believe that Amarantine should be reviewed with kid gloves or given a sugarcoated treatment. It deserves, however, a review written after more than one listen, and that probably done during the reviewer’s lunch break. It deserves more than some reviewer trying for a wink and nudge popularity by spewing the same-old same-old: “dig out the aromatherapy candles, sounds just like the last one, puts me to sleep” and phrases even more trite, worn and tiresome than that.

Love it or hate it, Amarantine is a recording by a singer/musician whose career continues to burn bright. There is some reason why people buy Enya’s albums. She deserves reviews, even if they are negative, that are based on a careful listen to the recording and a careful analysis of what is right and what is wrong with it.

Those reviews are hard to find in the print media and at online sources. So, I've turned to the people who know what they’re listening to—the fan community. Several people at the Unity Fan Forum have posted top-notch, thoughtful reviews of Amarantine. While they are fans, they have also not been afraid to say what they don’t like about it, as well as what they do like about it. I thank them for letting us re-post their reviews here at Book of Days.